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Sep 18, 2013

G.Skill DDR3 Quad-channel Memory Kit Reaches 4.072 GHz

Sure, I've seen random access memory overclocked to heaven and back, but none that came with a clock of 4,072 MHz.

Yet here I am now, looking at the 16 GB, quad-channel memory kit from G.Skill. That's right, this is the first instance of a quad-channel memory kit surpassing 4 GHz. As one would expect, one of the best motherboards and the fastest current-generation CPU were used in the overclocking session.

And by that I mean the ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition and the Intel Core i7-4960X central processing unit. CPU-Z has already validated the new record. I'm actually a little surprised the amount of memory wasn't smaller, as is usual for power runs like this. Then again, it's not like quad-channel kits could easily go any lower, not with four as minimum module number.

G.Skill quad-channel memory reaches beyond 4 GHz
Image credits to G.Skill


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