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Sep 17, 2013

Get Ready for iOS 7 Update

If Apple doesn’t want to keep the iOS 7 suspense going, you can expect the software update to drop in a matter of hours. And for that, you need to be prepared.

Generally, iOS software updates run smoothly, but there are those isolated instances where one unlucky customer loses some photos or certain stuff that they relied on. And that’s where backing up comes in. What you’ll need to do (and I suggest you do this sooner rather than later) is to launch your Settings application, go to iCloud, scroll down until you reach Storage & Backup, tap it, and select Back Up Now.

Alternately (if you don’t have enough iCloud storage, or the process is taking too long), you can just connect your iDevice to iTunes, right click its name in the left pane, and choose Back Up. Whatever goes wrong (though nothing should) with your iOS 7 installation, you’re now on the safe side. Happy updating!

iPhone 5s
Image credits to Tim Bradshaw


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