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Sep 2, 2013

Meizu MX3 Promo Video

Today, Chinese mobile phone maker Meizu has officially announced another high-end smartphone in its popular MX series, namely the Meizu MX3.

The company has already made available a video promo for the smartphone, as can be seen above. The clip, however, comes from Gizchina, and was not accompanied by specific details on the hardware capabilities of the mobile phone. Even so, users can still have a closer look at the design features of the new device, and will certainly observe the fact that it is one of the thinnest smartphones that the handset vendor has made official to date.

For those who would like to learn more on the phone’s designing and manufacturing process, another video is available, embedded below. The second clip also offers a glimpse of the development of this phone’s user interface.

Another video from the launch of the Meizu MX3. As you can see from this video, Meizu have made the new flaghip phone not only larger in the screen department but have also made this the thinnest Meizu smartphone to date!
Video credits to GizChina

A short video from the launch of the Meizu MX3 which shows the design and manufacture process of the new flagship phone, along with a few quick first sneak peeks of the phone and its rather slender profile ahead of launch!
Video credits to GizChina


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