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Sep 2, 2013

New iPhone 5C Close-up Photos Show the Phone in Detail

The iPhone 5C is real alright! If the images from earlier today didn’t convince you, maybe this new batch will.

In what seems to be the most convincing iPhone 5C leak yet, several new images have made it on the web showing the phone (apparently) fully assembled and packaged in its retail box, ready for shipping. As the previous leaks suggested, the phones come with à la iPod touch stickers on their screens with wallpapers that mimic the color of the phones themselves. The packaging of the iPhone 5C bears a striking overall resemblance to the iPod touch shipping box.

These photos come from iApps.im and C Technology, and all of them look pretty legitimate from where I’m standing. These babies are reportedly scheduled for unveiling on September 10, alongside the more expensive and higher-specced iPhone 5S.

Packaged iPhone 5C
Image credits to iapps.in

Packaged iPhone 5C
Image credits to C Technology


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