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Oct 10, 2013

Android Gmail Apps Starts Showing Ads

As expected, ads are starting to land in the latest version of the Android Gmail app. While ads have been a part of the desktop version of Gmail for a long time, they've been absent on mobile devices.

With Google giving Android for free and only making money from ads, it obviously can't afford to not monetize one of the most popular apps on the platform. Code in the latest Gmail app version hinted at ads becoming a reality for mobile users. Now, some are spotting the new ads in the wild. Interestingly, they're actually very similar to the somewhat controversial inbox ads that Google introduced along with the new tabbed inbox.

These ads show up in the actual inbox and look like regular messages, though they use a different color background, much like ads are displayed in search results. Google seems to be testing these ads on mobile devices for now, but it will likely expand their reach in time.

Ads in Gmail


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