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Oct 1, 2013

TRENDnet TEW-714TRU Power Socket Wireless Travel Router

This is one of those little curiosities that can make your stay at a motel or hotel a lot easier if there's another person or a group of friends with you.

Called TEW-714TRU officially, the N150 Wireless Travel Router from TRENDnet has three replaceable electrical plugs (American, European, and British style plugs). Once it's plugged into a power socket, it can receive a normal Internet cable and turn it into a wireless one. All it takes is to enter it in WISP Mode and input the provided Username and Password. USB storage devices can be plugged in as well, to be shared over the Wi-Fi connection.

"The TEW-714TRU is designed to meet the needs of the road warrior," said Sonny Su, technology director, TRENDnet. "It plugs into outlets on every continent and offers handy USB share and charging ports." Sales of the new device should already be underway for $59.99 / €44.29.

Image credits to TRENDnet


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