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Oct 1, 2013

F-Secure's Younited Unites Your Dropbox, SkyDrive, Gmail, Flickr and Others

F-Secure, a company known for its security solution, is veering off into what has become a very popular though probably not very lucrative market, cloud storage. Cloud storage companies are a dime a dozen these days and they all offer pretty much the same thing, despite all of them trying to have one gimmick or feature to differentiate themselves.

F-Secure's Younited does have one interesting proposition, it wants to bring all of your "clouds" together in one place. With Younited, you'll be able to get all your files and photos from Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive even Gmail attachments all in one place. If Younited can pull it off seamlessly the feature is certainly an interesting one, though it's hardly the first service to promise an unified cloud, Jolicloud, Gladinet and many others offer similar solutions. Younited is currently in private beta, but you can sign-up for an invite. "We didn’t want to build yet another cloud product where you store away your stuff and then forget about those precious moments. We wanted to create something that brings it all together and puts you back in control of your digital world. We wanted to make something where no photograph, song or video would ever get lost," F-Secure explains. "We wanted to create a place where you can organize your stuff regardless of where it comes from – and then share it with the people you love. We wanted to give you a quick, safe and easy-to-use experience," it adds.

That's all well and good, but you may be wondering why a security company would be doing all of this. Well, apparently, this new service will also be one of the most private, the company is promising that no government or advertiser will get your info. That would be great if Youniverse was a dedicated cloud storage service, but since it relies on so many other companies, it can't guarantee anything, so "privacy" is mostly an empty promise.

Hipsters are already loving Younited, it seems
Image credits to F-Secure

Video credits to F-Secure


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