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Apr 19, 2014

Google and MediaTek Reportedly Partner for Cheap Nexus Devices

Google’s Nexus series of smartphones is well known for the high-end hardware specs that it brought to the market over the years at low price tags, yet it seems that the lineup might see a series of changes in the not-too-distant future.

According to the latest reports on the matter, Google might actually consider the launch of much cheaper handsets in the series, while packing them with lower hardware specifications than before. Info coming from Chinese media suggests that Google might have partnered with MediaTek for the release of an Android phone at under $100 (€73), and that the device will land on shelves with the Nexus brand attached to it. The info reportedly comes from sources with Taiwan supply chains, though no exact details on when said device might arrive on the market has been provided as of now. However, it seems that Google is not considering replacing the Nexus family of devices with lower-end, cheaper phones, but that it is actually considering expanding the series of the mid- and entry-level segments, so as to better compete with rivals, as GforGames notes.

Whether the phone will be aimed to compete with Nokia’s entry-level Windows Phone handsets, which have attracted a lot of users to their side, or with devices coming from other Android vendors, it remains to be seen. One thing that is certain, however, is that Android indeed needs to strengthen its presence in the mid-range market for a bit, especially with platforms such as BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Windows Phone, and others aiming at assaulting it with newer, better devices. The Nexus series has been focused on the high-end segment, especially with powerful hardware capabilities but low price tags, yet with Android already strong in this area, Google would be right to switch its attention to other market levels as well.

No official confirmation on the possible partnership between Google and MediaTek has been provided as of now but, should one be indeed planned, more details on its will start to emerge sooner rather than later. MediaTek is already supplying chipsets to various mobile phone makers out there, allowing them to release cheap yet powerful handsets, and the same could happen with the rumoured new Nexus phone too. Hopefully, Google will decide to share some more details on this sooner rather than later, maybe as soon as the I/O conference in June, so keep an eye on this space for specifics on the matter.

Nexus 5
Image credits to Google


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