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Apr 20, 2014

The iPhone 6 Could Really Come on June 2, and Here’s Why

It has long been speculated that Apple can’t afford to stall the big-screen upgrade, and several analysts have predicted that WWDC 2014 will be the time and the place (Einstein would probably call it the “timeplace”) of the iPhone 6 launch.

It’s not just possible, it’s probable

The first argument that springs to mind whenever someone asks me "when do ya' think the iPhone 6 will be announced" is the leaks. The massive amount of leaks that are cropping up all over the place, much earlier than expected. Take, for instance, that heavy tool that’s said to be used for the machining process to carve a block of aluminum and achieve the desired final shape. Apple has been doing cases like this for years now, and it seems they’re at it again. In fact, there’s no reason to assume otherwise. The schematics for the phone also seem to have leaked early, allowing some case makers to jump the gun and create compatible sleeves, and the front glass panel has also emerged in photos. Granted, they could all be fakes, but there is no indication that they are. The timing is awfully strange. Unless the phone has already entered production, of course. And why would Apple kickstart production now if it’s going to ship this thing in October, as some analysts maintain? One reason could be to avoid supply constraints, but the tech giant would never trade having its upcoming iPhone exposed so early simply to avoid bottlenecks.

So my theory remains that the primary reason why these leaks are occurring right now is because yes, Apple has moved into production full-swing, and yes, the photos are spilling out because we’re less than two months away from the phone’s unveiling. The shipping is a different story altogether, but I maintain that Apple is building the devices now because it plans to show off the novelty on June 2.

Those “other” analysts could be right

That’s right. I’m siding with the ones who really think Apple needs to hurry out this new iPhone. I don’t have an explanation for it. I just think sooner-rather-than-later applies really well here. I’ll be the first to admit my theory could crumble should Foxconn (Apple’s assembler) incur some manufacturing hurdles. There’s also a chance the Cupertino giant might simply change its mind. An asteroid could hit the Earth by then, heck even aliens could pay us a visit in the interim. But the fact remains that there are a lot of clues pointing to the WWDC14 launch. Here’s another one. Remember when Tim Cook said – using slightly different words – “hold your horses, we have a lineup that will shake the ground in 2014?” Well, 2014 is well underway and there’s absolutely nothing new whatsoever from Tim Cook and his buds. When do you reckon he’ll show off all those groundbreaking products? In the one autumn event reserved for iPhone 6 / iWatch / Apple TV refresh?

No. Unless the iWatch can be demoed in fifteen minutes flat and the TV upgrade in another 10, I don’t see how Apple could fit the three in a single show. And I don’t want to believe the company is holding off the iWatch for 2015. If that happens, I’ll not only quit writing these silly predictions, I’ll quit my job altogether. Jokes aside, the only way I see Apple respecting tradition again is if one of the aforementioned product launches is delayed / canceled / a fabrication of the media. Either way, it would really conflict with Tim Cook’s promise for a stellar 2014. It's just as possible Apple has the iWatch / iTV announcement lined up for WWDC14. Whatever comes out first, the developer gathering should host at least one of these major announcements. As I stressed in the lines above, all three can't be crammed into a single keynote.

WWDC14/iPhone 6 banner
Image credits to todoiphone.net


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