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Jun 1, 2014

Three Features Everyone Will Love About the iPhone 6

When it comes to the iPhone 6, the first thing that springs to mind is the bigger display. Some think it’s a long overdue feature that should have blessed the Apple fan base last year with the unveiling of the iPhone 5s. Apple says good things come to those who wait.

The reason why the company waited so long for the iPhone to get a bigger screen is unknown, but one thing is certain. When it arrives, it will mark a world of change for most users. And I’m not referring to the icon sizes.

Fewer typos
One of the biggest perks to arrive courtesy of a bigger display is, of course, a bigger keyboard. It may not sound like much of an uptick to those of you with small fingers and/or very good typing skills, but for the population with bulky hands and trembling fingers this will be godsend. Same goes for females who like to wear long nails. Stretching the keyboard size only half a centimeter in any direction will greatly reduce the chance of making a typo, which remains one of the great frustrations involving smartphone use by adults today.

For those of you who already have good typing skills, a wider/taller keyboard will allow you to take things to a whole new level. I’ll be curious to see who sets the next world record for fastest iOS typist.

Getting more work done
Thanks to a bigger screen and a more usable keyboard, the incentive to actually do work on your iPhone (rather than play match-three puzzlers) will grow considerably. First off, you will no longer feel anxiety thinking how difficult it is to finish a sentence without having to scroll back and fix a typo. Second of all, you’ll actually see an entire sentence as a single line of text (granted, long sentences will probably still spread across two or three lines). In essence, knowing that typing is no longer a pain in the neck will lift the fear of working with your iPhone. I’ll be curious to hear the first story about someone doing an entire day’s work with nothing more than their iPhone.

Boosting your artistic skills
With all its Multi-Touch oomph and fast processor, the iPhone doesn’t really make for an ideal drawing tool. Same goes for making music on it. Before you call me ignorant, please note I’m not talking about scribbles or 10-second drum loops. I’m talking about real drawings and real songs. While it can be done, the current form factor is certainly not ideal. Something that the rumored 4.7-inch display on the iPhone 6 will probably change.

Having more space to work with not only reduces the chance of error, but also eliminates the need to switch through various screens to access tools and controls that can now sit minimized in a corner (for instance). A larger display makes it easier to tweak sound parameters, move notes up and down on a piano roll, etc.

Bigger is better

When it comes to people who want to use their smartphones to create, not just consume content, it’s pretty clear that a larger working area is always better. Portability gets redefined every year (just look at the size of the iPad), so having a small screen has completely lost its sense. Some of us can’t wait for the official burial of the 4-inch iPhone. Not that it hasn’t been real. But it’s time to unlock the full potential of iOS.

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