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Jun 2, 2014

“Leaked” Photos of OS X 10.10 Would Confirm Flat Direction, Had They Been Real

A Reddit user who created an account just to post an alleged OS X 10.10 leak claims to be showing us the first real photos of OS X 10.10 in action. The blogosphere is not convinced, and neither are we for that matter. But it’s worth discussing with just a few hours to go before WWDC kicks off.

This person went door to door with these images trying to have them published by major tech sites. When he / she got refused, the user decided to upload them to Reddit and wait for people’s reactions. Many claim to have found several clues that give away the fake nature of the photos, including one image where Cindori Software’s Control Center for Mac is used. We’re not convinced either. For one, the author of the images has been banned on Reddit. Second, the leak seems to try a bit too much (exaggerated blurs, censored areas). Third, why would Apple redesign the entire OS but not the actual application icons? It doesn’t look like a plausible direction, and it makes the whole thing half baked.

Then again. the images are said to be dated March 24, 2014. Apple could have left the icon redesign as a last-minute affair before WWDC. What do you guys think?

Alleged OS X 10.10 leak
Image credits to Reddit


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