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Jul 3, 2014

4.7" iPhone Screen Gets In-depth Video Appearance

We've seen some interesting front panels this week coming from China. The leaked photos show what it seems to be an iPhone 6 screen which measures 4.7" and has rounded edges.

A new video coming from China gets a closer look and a hands on with the front panel. It is a well known fact that Chinese manufacturers do not keep the parts they make under wraps and anyone can assemble a next-generation iPhone using the parts that come out of Foxconn. There are a few notable differences between the iPhone 5s' front panel and iPhone 6', besides the rounded corners. The new one is almost half as thin as the other one. The rounded edge goes around the whole panel, not just the top and the bottom. Also, the front camera hole seems to be in a different spot. With iPhone 5, Apple chose to have "the selfie camera" above the earpiece. Now, that has moved half an inch to the left. The hole itself has the same size, but Apple was seemingly forced to take this design decision based on the fact that the top glass is narrower. On the other hand, the bottom part of the front panel looks unchanged with the exception of the width. The side bezel appears to have exactly the same as the current iPhone model.

Based on these specs, the iPhone 6 will come out with a 4.7" display which is not considerably wider or taller. This may allow an extra row of icons at the bottom of the screen, unless Apple decides to scale the icons in which case, they may be somewhere between the size of the iPad Mini and the current iPhone 5s. One of the drawbacks of this screen size is that Apple is forcing the user to one-hand operation of the device. That may not be a problem for Android users who are going to switch from HTC and Samsung to the new iPhone 6 this fall. The leak coming from China does not say anything about the 5.5" display size. Earlier reports suggested that the tech giant may release two different size phones together with iOS 8. In other news, Apple is expected to show the new iPhone on September 19, according to Chinese sources. The new model may be released a week later, on September 25. Same reports say the 5.5" iPhone appearance may be pushed for a few months due to production issues.

4.7" screen for iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s front plate
Image credits to ifanr.com

Video credits to Adrian Boioglu


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