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Jul 3, 2014

Intel Pentium K Breaks World Record, Reaches 6861.7MHz on MSI Motherboard

Overclocking enthusiasts might remember Intel has officially launched the unlocked Pentium 20th Anniversary Edition G3258 processor (dubbed Pentium K) back at Computex 2014.

The announcement was made in league with MSI, which rolled out a new version of BIOS, thus bestowing Pentium K support to MSI Z97/H97. Nevertheless, only the Z97 product is capable of overclocking the CPU. Now MSI announces it is setting a world record on the Pentium 20th Anniversary Edition G3258 by taking it as far as 6861.7 MHz. MSI’s Z97 motherboards come boasting a six-phase power control components, so they are able to swiftly and stably overclock the Pentium K. MSI’s offerings can automatically drive CPU speeds to 4.3GHz from the original 3.2GHz by virtue of MSI’s OC Genie 4 technology. This represents a 34% performance improvement.

Using a high-end air-cooling system, the CPU can be made to work at 4.7GHz, which translates into having a 45% boost. There are three models in the MSI Z97 family, including the GUARD-PRO, G43 and PC Mate. The motherboards also arrive with Guard-Pro safety protections and Military Class 4 components. MSI has bumped the BIOS version to 1.3 for the first model, to version 17.4 with the second and to 4.3 when the PC Mate is concerned.

MSI's Z97 board

Intel Pentium K breaks world record on MSI motherboard
Images credits to TechPowerUp


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