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Jul 7, 2014

“Nokia by Microsoft” Branded Android Smartphones Coming Soon

There have been some rumors that Microsoft it looking to license the Nokia brand in order to continue to use it on its Windows Phone handsets after the initial licensing agreement will expire next year.

The first details regarding this marketing move emerged online last week, along with the information that Microsoft may replace the Surface brand with Nokia’s Lumia. Today, @evleaks is back with a follow-up on the initial rumor, which claims the next handsets to be branded with the “Nokia by Microsoft” name will ship with Android operating system out of the box. The Android smartphones that are expected to come soon will also bear the Lumia name aside bring being tagged with the “Nokia by Microsoft” brand. For the time being, it’s unclear whether “Nokia by Microsoft” brand will also be used on future Windows Phone handsets, but we expect more details to surface in the coming months.

Microsoft’s plans for Windows Phone and Android are a bit unclear, as many unconfirmed rumors are running around in the wild. Hopefully, the Redmond-based company will come forward with an official statement that would confirm or deny these speculations. What do you think about the company’s plans to add the “Nokia by Microsoft” brand to its Android smartphones? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Nokia X Android smartphones
Image credits to Nokia


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