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Jul 7, 2014

Sony Xperia Selfie Phone (Codenamed Gina) Spotted in New Photos [Video]

Today, Japanese mobile phone maker Sony Mobile has started teasing a new selfie-centered smartphone for tomorrow, and some additional details on the device have emerged online, courtesy of leaked photos and a video with it.

The mobile phone hasn’t been officially named as of now, but rumor has it that it could arrive on shelves as Xperia C3. Moreover, a new report on the matter suggests that it would be codenamed Gina. The main selling point of this device will be a LED flash next to the front camera, which will allow users to take clear photos of themselves even in low-light conditions. The front camera on this phone might be of around 5 megapixels or higher, yet no specific info on the matter has been provided as of now. However, you can see the sensor and the LED flash in action in the video embedded below, available courtesy of ePrice. As XperiaBlog notes, the handset appears to have been packed with a special feature that will allow users to snap photos by double-tapping on its back. However, the function will act like some sort of a timer, as the picture will be snapped only several seconds after the phone is tapped twice.

Moreover, the clip shows some of the software that this new device will arrive on shelves with, and which resembles the Portrait Retouch camera app, allowing users to tweak their complexion with preset tones, and to change eye pattern as well. Other editing tools should also be included in the package. On top of that, the upcoming mobile phone appears to arrive on the market with a Self-portrait voice guide, similar to what the original Xperia C had to offer. Basically, the functionality will enable people to snap photos with the phone’s rear camera using their voice. The upcoming selfie phone from Sony is also said to include a 2500mAh battery, which will allow it to deliver long usage times.

According to ePrice, the handset might sport a 5-inch touchscreen display of unknown resolution, yet no confirmation on this has been provided as of now. All in all, specific details on what the phone will have to offer will emerge only tomorrow, when Sony officially introduces it. One other thing that should be noted here is the fact that Sony is also expected to announce the Xperia Z2a smartphone in Taiwan tomorrow, and chances are that the two will be unveiled simultaneously.

Sony's Xperia selfie phone
Image credits to ePrice

Sony's Xperia selfie phone
Image credits to esato via gforgames

Sony's Xperia selfie phone
Image credits to ePrice
Video credits to ePrice HK


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