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Sep 9, 2014

Apple's iPhone 6 Launch May Be the Most Embarrassing Moment of the Year

I've been very excited to see what Apple comes up with today. I even stopped playing Destiny to watch the iPhone 6 launch, but then I had a feeling this will turn out bad. Bad for me for losing my time and bad for Apple for disappointing me and other fans trying to watch the live event.

I do not own an Apple TV and I'll probably never will, but if I did, it wouldn't have helped me watch the iPhone 6 launch event. However, I do own a few Apple products, so I excitingly opened my iPad to see what Apple has prepared for us today. It took me a few refreshes to get the live keynote running, but in the end all seemed well enough. That lasted for a few seconds until I realized the whole event was streamed with the Chinese voice translation. To make things worse the live stream dropped after 10 seconds and each time I tried to make it work it would drop after several seconds again. In the end, it dropped completely and you I couldn't access the live stream address, along with hundreds of thousands others that were trying to watch Apple's iPhone 6 launch.

Ok, I can understand that sometime these things can happen even to the bigger companies such as Apple, but what happened during the event made me rethink my opinion on the Cupertino. I thought Apple is supposed to bring new technologies into the smartphone business. I also thought they should the ones that others want to copy, not the other way around. Despite the fact that Apple's live stream failed, iPhone 6 will sell millions. Even though there are many things that companies like Samsung “borrowed” from Apple, it now appears that everything it's been reversed. Saying that you invented Wi-Fi Calling and that your device support more LTE bands than any other smartphone on the market is embarrassing to say the least.

Especially that Apple comes on the market with a product that's not even on par with some devices launched earlier this year. I agree that some of the components manufactured in-house may be better than what's on the market now, but I want to wait and see some tests before making any statements. QHD displays, 4K video recording, quad-core CPU and many others, are things that Apple users will not get this in the next 12 months. Not that many would care about these, but I thought Apple is at the forefront of innovation, always striving to bring out new technologies. To me, it looks like Apple is just taking existing technologies and tries to make them better for its own customers. Sadly, the innovation stuff has been left to other brands, which frankly I'm not sure it realizes the potential.

Since a few years ago I got the feeling Apple is always one step behind competition, but this year my impression turned to certainty. The iPhone 6 is clearly one step behind other flagship smartphones on paper, which means it remains to be seen if actual performance matches in tests. I know for sure iPhone 7 will pack a QHD display. I'm definitely not impressed by Apple's iPhone 6, I'm more excited about Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge even if I'm not really a big fan of the South Korean's company. Now that is a really innovative smartphone, even if the second Edge display doesn't have too applicable uses in real life. The thing is that the Galaxy Note Edge could be the base of a series of unique phones that we now think as futuristic.

What innovations the iPhone 6 brings to the world? Unfortunately, none. Obviously, Apple will sell millions of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units, because fans want/need to upgrade from an older iPhone and the only choices are the devices introduced today. If things turn out the same it did today next year Apple fans can rest easy, as the iPhone 7 will pack a HD display and possibly a 16-megapixel camera. I sincerely hope so.

apple.com live stream failed


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