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Sep 9, 2014

Is This the First Image of the Mythical Canon EOS M3?

You and me both know the original Canon EOS-M was a miserable failure in most markets around the world, with the exception of the Asian one.

That’s probably why the producing company choose to roll out the EOS-M2 only in that area. After all, it wasn’t much of a successor, it basically added Wi-Fi on top of what the EOS-M originally offered. However, the question remains, when would Canon put the failure behind, buckle up and make a comeback with a model worthy of making it on the European and US market? Well, Canon Watch posted a mysterious photograph (via DCFever) which appears to be the first image ever depicting the mythical EOS-M3. As you can see, the camera bundles a small viewfinder, flip-out LCD, but apart from that, there’s nothing different compared to the M and M2.

Photokina 2014 is not far away from us so maybe, just maybe, Canon will surprise us with something along these lines. Hopefully, the photo gear manufacturer is conscious it needs to provide a set of decent specs if it wants the product to survive on the competitive European/US market. The Chinese source mentions the camera should become available later in 2014, so if our instincts are correct, the camera will show up next week in Germany.

This might be the first of the Canon EOS M3
Image credits to Canon Watch


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