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Sep 30, 2014

Samsung Explains Galaxy Note Edge Display, Highlights Major Features via Infographic

Introduced along with the Galaxy Note 4 early this month, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge could outsell the many flagship smartphones already available on the market, if only the South Korean company didn’t see this device as “limited edition concept.”

That means Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy Note Edge in limited quantities, so you will only be able to get it in some countries and for a much higher price. Although info coming from sources familiar with the matter claimed there would only be around 1 million Galaxy Note Edge units available for purchase this year and that the phablet will not be launched in the UK and most of other European countries, Samsung introduces the phablet in more territories than it was original speculated. Availability aside, the Galaxy Note Edge was the star of Samsung’s Unpacked event earlier this month and even if it won’t outsell the Galaxy Note 4, the South Korean company will surely get rid of all the stock it plans to push into the market in no time.

In order to raise the hype around the Galaxy Note Edge, like that was really needed, Samsung has just released an infographic that shows 5 of the most important features of the smartphone’s display. For those unaware, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge comes with the same type of display as the Galaxy Note 4, but this one is curved. It’s also a bit smaller at 5.6-inch, but it supports QHD (2560 x 1600 pixels) resolution as well.

The Edge Screen can be personalized to show your own drawings

The smaller secondary display on right side called the Edge Screen, allows users to add frequently used apps in order to access them quickly no matter what you are doing. But that’s not all, as Galaxy Note Edge users will also be able to check notifications and messages while watching video or navigating. You can even personalize the Edge Screen with drawings using an S Pen, but you can also add images and texts that can be displayed on the screen instead of these drawings. The Edge Screen can also display useful information on stock trends, sports scores, news and twitter trend keywords through Ticker Board. The good news is that this type of info doesn’t really require a large display, which makes the Edge Screen perfectly suitable for displaying it.

Last but not least, you can even take advantage of Quick Tools, which provides access to essential apps and features through the Edge Screen at any time. As soon as the SDK reaches in the hands of developers, we’re certain the Edge Screen will be more useful to Samsung Galaxy Note Edge owners, but until then here are some of the most important features it has to offer.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Specs
Image credits to Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge infographic
Images credits to Samsung


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