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Sep 29, 2014

MSI Releases Fanless System with Support for Up to Core i7 CPUs

It's one thing to say a computer is really efficient and silent compared to the competition, and another to put together a PC that makes absolutely no noise at all (which, by extension, means low TDPs across the board).

As it happens, Micro-Star International has created a system that makes do without any sort of active cooling, while still supporting Celeron, Pentium and Core i7/i5/i3 central processing units from Intel. Admittedly, you need to limit yourself to a TDP of no more than 35W in order for everything to work properly, and to not suffer a burnout or crash due to heat. If you do want a stronger performance though, you can pay extra for a system fan module. But that would defeat the purpose of the KingBOX MS-9A66 being made the way it was made.


The system is a lot closer to qualifying as a cube than many “cubic” desktops we had the pleasure (or displeasure) to see in the past. It backs the fourth-generation Intel CPU with DDR3 RAM (random access memory) and a single add-in graphics card. Assuming you choose to install one, that is. The system has a PCI Express x16 slot ready, but you'll have to buy a video card yourself, if the one in the GPU isn't good enough. If you do feel the integrated graphics processor (iGP) of Intel chips is sufficient for your needs (browsing, doc editing, media playback), you can use one of the two DisplayPorts on the back panel to link to a monitor or TV. That, or the DVI port. On that note, the PCI Express x16 slot isn't the only PCI technology available, three legacy PCI slots are included as well.

Add to that 100 G anti-shock protection and 1 gram anti-vibration and you have a pretty sturdy piece of work in your hands. Finally, storage can be provided via an HDD or CFast card. All of which can be easily maintained and cleaned, according to the company. Same for the RAM. All thanks to the thumbscrews that can be removed, to let the top cover slide open.

Availability and pricing

Both are details that MSI neglected to include in its official press release. What it did specify was that the KingBOX MS-9A66 has scalable performance (comes naturally with the broad CPU support), support for both consumer and industrial applications (9 to 36 VDC input), and easy configuration (through an MSI API).

Press Release:
MSI, the leading brand of embedded computers recently released a new industrial system, KingBOX MS-9A66. KingBOX MS-9A66 is a powerful yet fanless system featuring with its scalability, ruggedness, and versatile expansion capability. Outperforming other fanless systems with the powerful, scalable Intel 4th Gen scheme, KingBOX MS-9A66 meets demanding performance requirement while keeps the system cool with its superior heat radiation design that allows it work fanlessly and reliably. The high-performance and calm design along with its rich I/O and the versatility of expansion slots make it a perfect computing system for most of industrial scenes, such as intelligent transportation, facility management, environment monitoring, security automation, utility automation, and many more.
Reliability has always been the first concern for industrial system. With the increasing adoption of complicated automation system and application software, keeping the system reliable without sacrificing the performance has become a more important target for mission-critical applications. MS-9A66 surpasses all the system of its kind not only in performance but also in many intelligent ways it's designed:
  • Scalable High Performance: scalable CPU options to support the highest level of performance that fulfills any demanding application requirements.
  • Hassle-free Fanless and Rugged Design: fanless design to minimize downtime and maximize MTBF, ensuring the long-term hassle-free operation with silence. Also rated to withstand a wide temperature range and against heavy shock and vibrations.
  • Wide-range DC Power Input: wide-range DC power design that allows 9 to 36 VDC input, catering to any industrial application scenes.
  • Superior Expansion Versatility: rich expansion options that come with DIO, 1 PCIex 16, and 3 PCI slots, offering versatile capability in system integration.
  • Easy Configuration via Friendly API: easy setup and configuration via MSI's self-developed friendly API, facilitating your installation and maintenance.
  • Smart Mechanical Design: easy maintenance case design that allows quick access to internal by 2 simple steps-unwind the thumbscrews and slide the top cover to open.

Product Features:
  • Fanless design to support Intel 4th Gen CPU (up to 35W)
  • Scalable 4th Gen Intel Core i7/i5/i3, Pentium, and Celeron processor
  • Easy maintenance (HDD, memory, CFast, expansion slots) with smart mechanical design
  • Easy configuration via friendly API
  • 3 independent display with DVI-I and 2 DP
  • 4 expansion slots: 1*PCIe x16; 3*PCI
  • GPIO supports 5~24V for automation
  • 100 G anti-shock and 1 Grms anti-vibration
  • Wide range 9~36V DC power input
  • Support AT power mode
  • Optional system fan module available

Image credits to MSI


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