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Sep 22, 2014

Windows 9 to Replace “This PC” with New “Home” Root Location

Leaked Windows 9 screenshots that have recently reached the web have revealed quite a lot of changes that Microsoft plans to introduce in the next version of its operating system, among which new icons for some of the built-in apps, including Windows Explorer.

It appears, however, that the new icon won’t be the only one that Windows’ integrated file manager will get, as new information coming from sources close to the matter indicates that Microsoft is also renaming the root location in File Explorer. “This PC” will be renamed to “Home” in Windows 9, and there are some voices that claim that Microsoft could go even further and rename File Explorer entirely, although it’s not yet clear whether “Home” could also serve as the program name or not. A number of leaked screenshots indeed show that “Home” is now the root location, and the change is also expected to show up in the preview build which could be released to users in early October.

Similar changes in Windows 8 and 8.1 too

This isn’t the first time Microsoft is making changes to the root location in Windows, as the latest OS versions released by the company each came with different names. For example, Windows Explorer, as it was initially called until Windows 8, came with “My Computer” in Windows XP and was renamed to just “Computer” in Windows 7. When Microsoft rolled out Windows 8, the company stayed with the previous “Computer” designation, but changed it to “This PC” once the Windows 8.1 OS update came out. “Home,” however, indicates that Microsoft is indeed making Windows 9 an operating system that would target many more devices than a simple PC, and using this name on tablets and smartphones makes much more sense than “This PC.”

Windows 9 beta expected in early October

Microsoft will hold a private press event on September 30 to discuss plans for Windows 9, but it appears that the company won’t unveil the beta version of the operating system during the same day. Instead, Microsoft might push the public debut of Windows 9 preview to early October, which would better align with its yearly release cycle started with Windows 8 in 2012. The stable version of Windows 9 is expected to launch in April 2015, with people close to the matter indicating that the RTM build could be ready in late 2014, most likely in December. Nothing is confirmed so far and more details will be provided later this month, at the private press event in New York.

Windows 9 will come with a new “Home” location
Image credits to WinSuperSite


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