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Sep 22, 2014

MediaTek Labs, the Place Where the Next Best Thing in Wearables Might Come From

MediaTek is a low-cost chip manufacturer producing processors that usually power cheaper devices. However, the company is looking to expand and this week they have announced the advent of MediaTek Labs.

The Labs constitute a platform where developers can find support, documentation and guidance for all skill levels that will help those interested build wearable gadgets. The platform is using the MT2502 Aster chipset and is based on the LinkIt Development platform. MediaTek Labs hopes to open up a world of new possibilities for everyone, not only developers per se, but also hobbyists and students. On the other hand, the chip maker has also revealed a similar solution for the Internet of Things. But of course there's a caveat, for the time being you can expect only MediaTek processor to be available in the labs.

However, most Android fans aren’t probably going to be particularly impressed by what MediaTek has to offer here, because the company’s silicone isn’t exactly open source like Qualcomm’s or NVIDIA’s. The Aster chip was launched earlier this year and made its first real-life appearance in the Omate X smartwatch this August. The wearable runs the Linkit operating system, which is also under the patronage of MediaTek.

MediaTek Labs for wearables launches
Image credits to MediaTek


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