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Jul 4, 2015

How to Enable Colored Title Bars in Windows 10

Windows 10 build 10162 sure comes with plenty of improvements, but one of the undisclosed tweaks allows insiders to use colored title bars in the operating system.

This feature, however, is not enabled by default, and users must turn to a small registry trick to enable it. It doesn't take more than a couple of minutes, and once you enable it, it stay this way forever. The color of the title bars is the same as the accent color you choose in Windows.

How to do it 
As WinAero notes, first and foremost, you need to navigate to the following folder (this is the one where all the work will be done, so make sure you keep it open all the time):


Select the “aero” folder and create a copy in the same directory - press “Yes” when prompted by UAC and press “Skip” when asked to make changes to some specific files. Once the copying is done, rename “aero - Copy” (or whatever name you used) to “windows.”

Open the new “windows” folder and rename “aero.msstyles“ to “windows.msstyles.” Next, open the “en-US” folder in the newly created “windows” folder and rename “aero.msstyles.mui” file to “windows.msstyles.mui.”

Go back to the main themes folder and create a copy of the “aero.theme” file and rename the copy to “windows.theme.” Right-click the new windows.theme file, open it with Notepad and look for the following line in the [VisualStyles] section:


Replace it with the following line:


Once you complete all these steps, all you have to do is double-click the new windows.theme file and you're done. Colored title bars should be applied in Windows 10. If you want to go back to the default configuration, simply double-click the original aero.theme file and the original settings should be re-applied.

Colored title bar in Windows 10 build 10162

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Image credits to WinAero


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