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Jul 3, 2015

Windows 10 Build 10162 Now Available for Download

Microsoft has just released Windows 10 build 10162 to users enrolled in the fast ring of the Windows Insider program, thus providing them with the third build in only a few days, which is actually faster than any time before.

In case you're wondering why Microsoft is rolling out new builds so fast, it's because the development process of Windows 10 has reached that stage when the company is focused more on fixing bugs and improving performance of the operating system, and less on new features that usually take more time. This way, new builds are compiled at a much faster pace and pretty much every single internal build becomes a candidate for the public release, especially when significant performance improvements are obtained.

“We’re at the point in the development of Windows 10 where nearly every build is getting out to our internal rings, and passing the criteria for release to Windows Insiders. We’re focused at this point on bug fixing and final polish, so it’s much easier for each build to get all the way through than earlier in the cycle when we’re adding big new features,” Windows Insider boss Gabe Aul said in a post today.

Slow ring users could get it too
Once again, this new build is specifically aimed at fast ring users, but Microsoft says that those enrolled in the slow track could get it too sometime in the near future. Obviously, if this build hits the slow ring, new ISOs could also be received, which could be the last before the final launch of Windows 10 on July 29.

If you are wondering what's new in this build, 10162 is all about bug fixing, so you might not notice anything different after installing it. And yet, Aul says this is the best Windows 10 build so far, so just fire up Windows Update and get it the new build right away.

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