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Jul 3, 2015

iPhone 6s Leaks Out, Almost Identical Design to iPhone 6

It’s no secret that Apple is highly anticipated to unveil two new iPhone products this autumn, which have come to be known in the rumor mill as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus.

While we have been hearing a lot of info related to what the new iPhones will supposedly bring to the table, there has been no visual adagio to the whole story. Until now. The folks at 9to5Mac have gotten hold of a bunch of images showcasing what appears to be the iPhone 6s' external casing plus an in-depth look at the new iPhone internals. Thanks to the new imagery, we get to see that Apple will be preserving most of the exterior design of the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 Plus. We had been hearing talk of a number of potential changes related to design, but if we’re to treat this leak as the real deal, this will not be the case.

iPhone 6s to be a twin for the iPhone 6?
For starters, the design of the back case seems completely akin to what we saw with the iPhone 6. No differences in size or positioning of the holes are noticeable either, and the same thickness or width seems to be maintained. But even if things look identical on the outside, it doesn’t mean that the insides will follow the same pattern too. For example, the mounting points for the phone’s new logic board and components seem to differ. So we should expect Apple to make many more changes, under the hood. Apple has recently filed a patent outlining a technique that allows to hide the antenna lines on the back of an iPhone with an “anodized metal appearance.” But according to the leak, these lines will continue to be present even with the next-gen iPhones.

Furthermore, we’ve been hearing rumors that the iPhone 6s could bundle a dual-lens camera. However, the new images showcase a rear shell featuring the same holes for camera, microphone and LED flash, as we have seen before. So it seems highly unlikely at this point that we will see something else. Last but not least, we’re given a glimpse into the bottom design of the next-gen iPhone 6s too. And yes, everything down there looks the same, including the number of speaker holes, position of headphones, microphone and Lightning holes.

iPhone 6s back view

iPhone 6s inside of the case look

iPhone 6s inside of aluminum frame

iPhone 6s frame showing carved out Apple logo

iPhone 6s frame

iPhone 6s, frame detail

iPhone 6s, frame detail bottom up

iPhone 6s frame in profile

iPhone 6s frame showing physical buttons cutouts

iPhone 6s bottom view

iPhone 6s rear shell
Images credits to 9to5mac


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