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Sep 7, 2015

AMD Athlon X4 880K CPU Leaked Online

Another processing unit chip will apparently join the APU lineup from AMD that will offer slightly higher clock speeds than the current flagship die, the A8-7670K and A10-7870K.

Following the announcement of a new APU chip this July, AMD plans to release a new unlocked SoC, the Athlon X4 880K which will apparently be clocked higher than the 870K. The first details about the new AMD CPU came from a motherboard system from Biostar that listed the 880K among other AMD CPUs supported by the new Biostar device. Along the new APU, there are listed specifications for future A8-7690K and A10-7890K models that will replace the current high-end A10-7870K. The new APU was present on roadmaps leaked on Benchlife some while ago, and should be available on the market in the new future. The new 880K will be based on the same "Kaveri" microarchitecture. The name, similar to Intel's recent Pentium brand, AMD's Athlon X4, recently became the typical name for lower priced CPU with disabled graphics.

AMD keeps APU models leaked even before its predecessors are announced
Thanks to the Biostar motherboard announcement, new information has been provided on the website about the new Athlon X4 880K microprocessor: the new APU will apparently arrive with 4 GHz clock speed, 95 Watt TDP and a part number of AD880KXBI44JC. It will have a 100MHz higher clock rate than the announced but currently unavailable 870K base clock, but will have 100 MHz lower than the A10-7890K. The AD880KXBI44JC part number is meant to give us a couple of details about the 880K. According to CPU World, the "KX" letters are referring to being compatible with the FM2+ package and 95 Watt power envelope. The "44" digits tell about the number of cores inside the APU and 4MB of level 2 cache, while "JC" tells us that the CPU is based on the new "Godavari" stepping. However, it seems that the website does not say too much about the maximum Turbo Core frequency.

New Athlon X4 APU details are leaked
Image credits to AMD

AMD's near future roadmap
Image credits to Benchlife


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