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Sep 27, 2011

Zotac Intros PCI and PCI Express x1 GeForce GT 520 Graphics Cards

Graphics card maker Zotac has just announced it has updated its GPU line to feature two new solutions based on the Nvidia GeForce GT 520 design that use the PCI and PCI Express x1 interfaces in order to come as an upgrade path for users with pre-built systems that have limited expansion capabilities.

Despite the interfaces used, both of these video cards employ a similar design, the only difference being that PCI Express x1 solution comes equipped with an active cooling solution.

Outside of this change, Zotac's latest creations have the same 810MHz core clock, while the 512MB of DDR3 video buffer works at 666MHz (1333 MHz data rate). This connects to the GeForce 520 GPU via a 64-bit wide memory bus.

As far as the available video outputs are concerned, these two graphics cards provide DVI, HDMI (with HDCP support) and VGA connectivity and can simultaneously drive a pair of independent displays.

"Upgrading your graphics card is the easiest way to boost your system performance and gain new capabilities,” said Carsten Berger, marketing director, Zotac International.

The new Zotac GeForce GT 520 PCI and PCI Express x1 graphics cards shows that you can experience good graphics without upgrading the rest of your system," concluded the company's rep.

Both of the solutions announced today by Zotac use a low-profile PCB, which makes them an interesting option for those users that are stuck with compact pre-built systems.

Zotac hasn't provided us with any information regarding the pricing or availability of the two GeForce GT 520 graphics cards announced today.

The GeForce GT 520 is based on the GF119 GPU and it includes 48 shaders, 8 texture units, and 4 ROP units, all fitted inside a 29W TDP.


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