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Oct 16, 2011

28nm AMD GPUs Arrive on December 6 and 9

AMD is making the news for something somewhat less unfortunate now, as rumors appear about the likelihood that some new graphics processing units will show up before this year's end. 

Recent rumors involving Advanced Micro Devices say that December 6 or December 9 is when a new GPUs is expected to show up. 

This will belong to the first-generation of 28nm series and, if this report proves valid, will precede NVIDIA's own 28nm products. 

Since the latter's GK107 will appear in the first quarter of 2012, AMD will have the holiday shopping season as an advantage. 

Unfortunately, there is a high chance of the AMD unit to be in short supply, so sales might not skyrocket as much as one would like. 

Little is known about the graphics processor (like if it is a desktop or notebook part, or its performance). 

Either way, real mass production and global availability will ramp up only next year, with or without delays the likes of which were seen with the 40nm process. 

Despite what NVIDIA and TSMC have been saying, reports suggest the latter may end up having yield problems after all. 

Depending on how severe said issues are, product delays and supply constraints could drag on, affecting roadmaps and possibly leading to higher prices than initially intended. 

Nevertheless, it is easy to say that AMD has special reasons to want to force some GPUs out before the year is out. 

Since the Bulldozer chips turned out to be a let down (enough for analysts to say AMD could become irrelevant), the company, naturally, has to hurry up and recover its reputation somehow. Impressing on another layer of its business is the most logical step. 

In related news, a different report also exposed an upcoming Trinity APU chipset, so it looks like the chip maker wants to act quickly on more than one front.


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