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Oct 5, 2011

Asus Renames Its Ultrabooks to ZenBooks?

On October 11, Asus will hold a series of events throughout major cities in Europe and the US to announce the introduction of its first ultra-thin laptops designed around Intel's Ultrabook concept, and a recent report comes to suggest these won't actually carry the UX name as previously though, but will instead be called ZenBooks.

The Notebook Italia website received an invitation to the Asus even held in Milano, Italy for the launch of the Ultrabooks which reads “Asus invites you to uncover the new ZenBook.”

The Taiwanese computer maker hasn't disclosed any additional information about the Ultrabooks (please read that ZenBooks) it plans to launch, but the lineup should include at least two models, the UX21 and the UX31.

However, other models could also arrive as some previous rumors have suggested that Asus is preparing no less than 5 Ultrabooks for an October launch.

The main difference between the two ZenBooks is the diagonal of the screen used, as the first one carries a 12.1-inch display while the latter is slightly larger measuring 13.3-inch (1600x900 resolution).

Despite this difference, both designs use a thin and light anodized aluminum uni-body chassis that measures no more than 17mm at its thickest point, with an all-aluminum keyboard and glass touchpad, which were designed to accentuate the style of the unit.

At the heart of both of these laptops stand ULV Intel Core processors from the i5 and i7 ranges, which can be paired with 64GB or 128GB solid state drives and various connectivity options including Bluetooth, WiFi and USB 3.0.

In addition to the powerful hardware, Ultrabooks are also tweaked to resume from a sleep state in less than two seconds.

In Europe, Asus' UX21 Ultrabook is expected to start at 799 Euros (about $1085 US), while the UX31 will start at 999 Euros, which translates into about $1341 US. (via Notebook Italia)


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