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Oct 5, 2011

Intel 2012 Ivy Bridge Mobile CPU Gets Pictured

In the second quarter of 2012, Intel is expected to launch the first processors based on the Ivy Bridge architecture and while we are still months away from this moment a series of pictured depicting a mobile CPU based on this architecture made its appearance on the Web.

The processor pictured is an engineering sample chip and its features quad computing cores as well as support for the Hyper-Threading technology, which probably makes it an Core i7 CPU.

Sadly, the rest of its specifications are not known, but the Website that entered into the possession of this part compared its die size with that of a current Core i7 CPU built on the Sandy Bridge architecture.

Not surprisingly, the Ivy Bridge SKU comes 25% smaller that its second generation Core counterpart, which should lead to lower heat output and reduced manufacturing costs as Intel will be able to packs more chips into a wafer the same size.

Despite this change, both mobile Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors will use the same rPGA 988 packaging, which means that notebook manufacturer will be able to update their second generation Core models without too many troubles.

Ivy Bridge is the code name used for the 22nm die shrink of the current Sandy Bridge chips and features basically the same architecture, but with a few minor tweaks and improvements.

This includes a new on-die GPU that will come with full DirectX 11 support as well as with 30% more EUs than Sandy Bridge, in order to offer up to 60% faster performance that current Core CPUs according to Intel.

In addition, the processor cores have also received some minor tweaks as their AVX performance was slightly increased and Intel has updated the integrated PCI Express controller to the 3.0 standard.

In the mobile version of Ivy Bridge, all these improvements are paired together with a configurable TDP design, which enables the CPU to greatly surpass its maximum thermal design power when additional cooling is provided (like when placed on a notebook cooling stand).

Intel's first Ivy Bridge processors are expected to make their debut in March/April of 2012, and will quickly replace the current Sandy Bridge processors in Intel's lineup. (via Hardcore Hardware)


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