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Oct 5, 2011

LTE-Enabled iPhone 5 Only in Late 2012, iSuppli Believes

Yesterday, Apple disappointed a lot of fans with the release of only one iPhone model, which was not the iPhone 5 device that they were all expecting. 

The iPhone 4S might seem like a great device, and might even be capable of providing users with increased performance capabilities due to its dual-core CPU, or with global connectivity, but it is not the iPhone 5, which is still expected to land on shelves next year. 

Moreover, the mobile phone is said to include support for 4G LTE connectivity, just as some of the previous rumors on it suggested, even if unconfirmed. 

According to iSuppli, it's almost certain that the next iPhone model will arrive on shelves with the fourth-generation connectivity capabilities packed inside, and that it will arrive in about one year from now. 

The research firm notes that the new iPhone 5 model will arrive on shelves sometime in late 2012, and that Apple might even push it back to mid-2013.

The main reason for this would be the user experience, which would have been crippled if the handset arrived sooner. 

“Apple declined to offer an LTE-enabled iPhone that would have been more expensive, larger and more power hungry - and instead opted to introduce a device that delivers nearly the same wireless data speed, but with a superior user experience,” Francis Sideco, senior principal analyst and the research firm notes

The research firm also notes that the new iPhone 4S should be able to do its job just fine with 3G connectivity capabilities on board, and that an upgrade to LTE would have not been profitable. 

“There is no appreciable benefit to adopting LTE, especially given the current spectrum and uplink speed constraints for LTE,” iSuppli notes. 

The one thing that is certain here is that previous rumors suggesting that there will be no LTE-capable iPhone this year proved true, and that we'll have to wait a bit longer before Apple makes an official announcement on this device.


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