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Oct 18, 2011

HP Confirms Opteron 6200 Bulldozer CPU Specs

While we are still waiting for AMD to make official its Opteron processors based on the Bulldozer architecture, HP has listed a new server on its website that comes to confirm the specifications of the Opteron 6200 series CPUs we have reported about at the beginning of this month.

The AMD Bulldozer processors were spotted by CPU-World in the configurations list of the HP ProLiant DL165 G7 server.

The document contains partial specifications for seven CPUs from the Opteron 6200 series based on the Interlagos core and with a TDP of 115W.

The specs provided by HP match pretty closely the ones detailed in our previous report, except for some base clock frequencies for the Opteron 6212, 6234 and 6238 models, which HP states they work at of 2.6GHz, 2.4GHz and 2.6GHz, respectively.

All of the chips mentioned by HP were available for pre-order since the beginning of the month in the US with prices ranging between $303 and $588 (225-438 Euros) for parts including 8 or 12 computing cores.

As expected, the 16-core processors feature premium prices, ranging from $588 (438 Euros) for the AMD Opteron 6262 HE and 6272, and up to $1135 (845 Euros) for the high-power Opteron 6282 SE.

AMD's Interlagos processors are based on the company's high-performance Bulldozer architecture and are built by joining together two CPU dies on the same packaging. The chips use the same G34 socket as their Opteron 6100 predecessors.

No information regarding the official release date of these Opteron 6200-series server CPUs is available at this time, but they should arrive in Q4 of 2011 (as early as this or next week according to CPU-World)

Together with the first Opteron 6200-series processors, AMD is expected to also launch Opteron 3200 and Opteron 4200 parts.


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