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Oct 26, 2011

Intel Sandy Bridge-E CPUs Can Reach 5GHz on Air

Expected to be released in mid-November, Intel's Sandy Bridge-E processors seem to be capable of great overclocking feats, as one recent report has just unveiled that these CPUs can reach speeds of 5GHz using only air cooling.

This information comes from OCWorkbench which witnessed such a processor reaching 4.92GHz using what the publications calls it to be just a “regular” air cooler.

The chip's temperature remained at about 45°C when in idle, with 1.51 Volts being pushed to it.

In order to achieve this frequency, the processor's BCLK was set at 120MHz, while the multiplier was raised to 41X. The memory used was DDR3-2400 with CAS latency of 10T.

Sadly, we don't have any further information regarding the processor utilized for the overclock, so this could be any of the three chips that Intel plans to launch in November.


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