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Oct 14, 2011

MSI Motherboard Owners Can Upgrade Their BIOS

Advanced Micro Devices just launched the FX series of CPUs, the first members of it anyway, and Micro-Star International wasted no time in directing its customers to the download links of the updated BIOS versions. 

It isn't uncommon for motherboards to, physically, be able to support processors that did not exist when they were launched. 

After all, if the socket fits, then logic dictates that there should be some way for the chip to work. 

Still, though the hardware might have nothing against an advanced chip, the software often doesn't have what it takes to keep up. 

The BIOS is the main element of the equation that has to be updated in such a situation, since operating systems can get everything they need from a driver (and often don't really need a new one).

In this case, AMD launched the FX-Series of central processing units, codenamed Bulldozer. 

Disappointing overall performance aside, owners of a motherboard from Micro-Star International will probably want the latest BIOS package. 

MSI actually set up a special web page just for the purpose of making it easy to get it, or them (if one happens to have more than one desktop, with different motherboards). 

Of course, the boards that MSI will sell from now on should support the chips out of the box (and have "Supports AM3+ CPU with New BIOS" written on the package somewhere). 

This announcement will serve people who bought a compatible platform prior to the availability of these updated boards. 

MSI even implemented support for the ClickBIOS II system optimization tool, which functions on all AMD 900 models. 

It provides mainboard-level support and exports OC profiles to USB drives, for practicality and convenience reasons. 

Go here to see a full list of supported (and soon-to-be supported) motherboards and the respective BIOS links.


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