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Oct 11, 2011

New Nokia 800 Promo Materials Emerge

One of the first handsets that Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia will bring to the market with the new Windows Phone operating system on board is the Nokia 800, which has been spotted into the wild before, and which has just emerged in a series of newly leaked promo materials. 

Apparently, this is the same Nokia SeaRay smartphone that the handset vendor showed to the world a few months ago, and which also made an appearance recently at Orange France as the Nokia Sun. 

Rumor has it that Nokia plans on marketing the new device as the Nokia 800 in most markets, but that it might also choose another name for it in certain countries around the world. 

However, since there might be more than just one handset included in the initial Windows Phone launch at Nokia, chances are that some of the recently spotted code names around the Internet will be attached to those devices. 

Until more on this is made official, we should have a look at the promo materials that just emerged with Nokia 800, and which show a device resembling a lot with the MeeGo-based Nokia N9 smartphone. 

The fact that the two would be related has been said before, and it seems that Windows Phone will look great on the N9 form factor, though it remains to be seen to what extent the two are connected. 

The guys over at Pocketnow, who brought the new images with Nokia 800 to the web, note that Nokia's marketing campaign seems set to show that the company's Windows Phone devices could easily prove worthy companions for every-day life. 

Microsoft said that they were easier to use when compared to other mobile phones out there, yet Nokia will play another card with its devices. 

Provided that the first Nokia Windows Phones will indeed manage to impress as the company suggests, and at the low price tags that we expect them to feature, the Finnish vendor might have a better approach with its marketing campaign. However, only time will tell whether that will prove true or not.


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