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Oct 11, 2011

AMD FX-Series Water Cooler Gets Pictured

There have been a lot of rumors going around lately about AMD's and Intel's plans to bundle their upcoming high-performance processors with water cooling kits, and recently such an AMD FX-Series CPU was spotted by a Chinese publication.

The retail box pictured on the XFastest website is clearly marked as belonging to the FX-Series and on its back AMD has mentioned that it includes not only a CPU, but a liquid processor cooling system as well.

Opening the box, one gets to see that the cooler bundled with the Bulldozer CPU is almost an exact replica of the Antec H20 920, which was launched earlier this year.

This is understandable considering that both solutions were actually developed by Asetek, which is well renowned for its high-quality closed loop CPU water coolers.

To distinguish its solution from other products based on the Asetek design, AMD has branded the water block of the cooler with the FX logo and also added a customizable RGB LED for illuminating the block and pump assembly.

Together with the cooler and processor, AMD also provides a pair of fans for the 120mm radiator, which should be setup in a push-pull configuration, as well as a custom software used for controlling fan speeds.

No information regarding the processor that is included in the bundle is available, but most probably this will be the FX-8150, AMD's flagship desktop Bulldozer processor. Pricing is also unknown.

AMD's first FX-Series chips will be released in just a few days from now, on October 12, and the initial lineup will include three processors.

Two of these, the FX-8150 and the FX-8120 pack four Bulldozer modules for a total of eight computing cores, while the latter, the FX-6100, sports a six-core design. All the chips will feature an unlocked multipler for providing enthusiasts with higher overlocking headroom.


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