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Oct 11, 2011

A Quick Look Behind the Symbian Belle OS

Nokia has already unveiled to the world their latest flavor of Symbian, called Symbian Belle, and also unveiled the series of features and enhancements it is set to bring along. 

However, the same as with any mobile OS out there, there are things that are not visible when one uses a handset running under a specific mobile OS or another, and the video above is meant to present some of these things that are connected to Symbian Belle. 

What you will see in the short clip includes interviews with the designers behind the new mobile platform. 

They will explain the vision, observations, learnings and processes involved in the creation of the user experience that Symbian Belle has to offer. 

We all know that Symbian does not have too long to live, and Belle is one of the latest platform releases that users can enjoy on Nokia handsets.


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