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Nov 20, 2011

Alleged Nokia Lumia 601 Leaks

Nokia's foray into the Windows Phone space is expected to extend both to the higher-end of the market and to the lower segment, and one handset that would fall in the latter category seems to have just leaked into the wild, namely the Nokia Lumia 601.

Following the release of Nokia Lumia 800, anything that would come out of Espoo seems to be of great interest, since it could offer us a glimpse at how the company plans on keeping their promise of great
Windows Phone devices coming our way.

The phone that can be seen in the photo attached to this article courtesy of Pocketnow has been spotted into the wild earlier this week in an official video ad from Nokia that was removed and edited soon after making it online.

We supposed that the handset in the video was the Nokia 900, but it seems that, instead, it was a lower spec'd Windows Phone handset from the Finnish mobile phone maker.

However, no specific info on the hardware specifications that this device would sport when made available emerged, though one should not expect them to be mind blowing.

Just as its name suggests, the Nokia Lumia 601 is expected to arrive on shelves as a lower version of the Lumia 710, which means that it should also be cheaper than this device, so as to enable the company reach a wider range of users at the same time.

In all fairness, Nokia did say that they were planning to bring Windows Phone to more market segments, and that new devices will feature even lower price points, but many were expecting for the company to focus more on the high-end of the market in the beginning.

On the other hand, there are no Windows Phone devices to address the mid to lower segment of the market at the moment, and Nokia Lumia 601 might prove just the phone for that.

While there are only few details on the new Windows Phone to go with at the moment, such as the fact that it appears to pack the same 8MP camera as the Nokia C7 before it, more should emerge soon, as Nokia preps the device for take off, so stay tuned to learn the news.


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