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Nov 20, 2011

Intel Rev. D Sandy Bridge-E Desktop CPUs to Feature 8-Core Design - Report

Many enthusiasts were disappointed when Intel announced that the desktop version of its Sandy Bridge-E processors will include just six computing cores, but Intel is reportedly now working on a new stepping that will enable all of the eight cores in this architecture.

According to VR-Zone, this new CPU stepping will make its entrance in the second quarter of next year.

Intel decided against enabling all the eight cores available in the Sandy Bridge-E arch for the desktop version of these chips as this would have increase the TDP of the CPUs above the current 130W.

However, a series of tweaks and manufacturing improvements which should be available until then should help the chip maker enable these two extra cores while retaining the current CPU power envelope.

If you want to know more about Intel's new Sandy Bridge-E processors make sure to check out our review of the Core i7-3960X.


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