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Nov 20, 2011

Thicker iPad 3 in March, Metal iPhone 5 Next Summer - Report

A person with alleged knowledge of Apple’s forthcoming product lineup claims that 2012 will see the release of a thicker iPad, the iPhone 5 with a metal chassis, and a complete redesign of the MacBook Pro line of laptops.

iLounge calls its source ‘most reliable’ and reports that Apple has a thicker iPad on track to be released next March. It’s about 0.7 mm thicker because it needs to accommodate the twin light bar system needed for the higher resolution display (think Retina).

Apple could unveil the tablet as early as January, the report says.

Other rumors have said that Apple is also preparing a 7-inch version of the tablet, though it’s very unlikely that Cupertino will try to fight off rival Amazon with an identical offering.

Moving on to the next-generation iPhone, the source said that it will not look like the rumored teardrop-shaped model. However, it will have a metal enclosure and it’s slated to launch in summer 2012.

The phone is still in engineering phase, not even early production said the source. It is believed it will be an LTE phone (capable of 4G networking speeds).

Last but not least, the MacBook Pro line is getting a makeover, said the source. This is not at all new and, in fact, it’s pretty logical that Apple will streamline the MacBook family to have them all look like the pretty Air.

The Mac maker is also doing everything in its power to ditch optical drives. So, in all senses, the MacBook Pro can’t get any fatter.

If the information scooped up by iLounge is true, then 2012 is sure to be the year that marks a new historical step in Apple’s evolution, now with Tim Cook running the show.


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