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Nov 6, 2011

Apple Offers Download for iOS 5.0.1 Beta 2 via Dev Center, OTA

Targeting developers enrolled with Apple’s $99 yearly program, iOS 5.0.1 beta 2 is being made available on the Apple Dev Center and via OTA update.

The release increments the previous beta (build 9A402) which arrived just days ago with fixes for battery drainage, a security fix for iPad, and more. The beta introduces new file attributes for managing data backups.

“iOS 5.0.1 beta 2 is now available on the iOS Dev Center,” reads an email sent out to developers this week. “You can also install the update over the air from devices that have iOS 5.0.1 beta installed.”

According to the company headquartered at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, Calif., “iOS 5.0.1 introduces a new way for developers to specify files that should remain on device, even in low storage situations.”

Since the current beta increments the previous one, this build also includes the changes delivered a few days back, such as fixes for the issues affecting battery life on some devices running iOS 5, fixes for bugs with Documents in the Cloud, improved voice recognition for Australian customers using dictation, and multitasking gestures for the iPad 1.

The two betas also contain security improvements, one of which is a fix for the iPad Smart Cover bug. iOS 5.0.1 no longer allows the iPad to go to sleep while in power-off mode by means of laying the Smart Cover back on its display.

The main role (so far) of iOS 5.0.1 is the battery drainage fix. Customers all around the world have reported issues with battery life, not only on the newly released iPhone 4S, but also on older-generation devices that have iOS 5 installed. Apparently iOS 5 has a few power management issues that iOS 5.0.1 promises to fix.

According to a statement provided by Apple earlier this week, iOS 5.0.1 should be released to the masses by the end of the month.


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