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Nov 6, 2011

Nokia N9 Tips and Tricks (II)

It's been almost a month since Nokia N9 hit shelves and the excitement built around the MeeGo device brings more fans to the Finnish company.

Nokia created almost the perfect symbiosis between a smartphone and a mobile operating system. The way a user interacts with the N9 is simply fabulous, different from anything that's been thrown at users in the last 3-4 years.

Obviously, there are some similarities in the fact that the phone uses technologies embedded in other mobile platforms, but the way they've been integrated is unique and innovative.

We will continue our previous article about Nokia N9's tweaks, because we discover something new every day we spend with the MeeGo-based smartphone.

For those unfamiliar with the phone's layout, the N9 only features three external buttons: two volume keys and a lock/unlock key.

The latter is used to unlock the phone's display everytime you want to use. However, instead of clicking the unlock button on the left side of the phone, simply tap the screen twice and the screen will be unlocked.

If double tapping on the screen does not unlock it, you need to enable this option by going to Settings / Device / Display and use the toggle for the specific feature.

Another interesting tweak is the Quick menu, which provides users the option to quickly access: Phone, Messages, Camera and Browser.

To bring up the Quick menu simply swipe up about 1/3 from the bottom edge of the screen and then slowly swipe down until the shortcuts appears at the base of the screen.

Nokia N9 is a great notifier as the phone displays on the screen all events missed by owners, including missed calls, emails, Facebook or Twitter mentions and more.

A special icon will be displayed on the screen when you have missed a call, or when you have new email. As soon as you unlock the screen double-tapping the “event” will be shown at the base of the screen. Simply tap and hold on the “event” and swipe to the right to get directly to the Phone feature, email Inbox or Facebook account.

Feel free to suggest your own Nokia N9 tips and tricks, especially if you're an advanced user.


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