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Nov 6, 2011

Gigabyte '3D BIOS' Is Awesome, Even if Just a Tiny Bit Impractical

If anyone was hoping that motherboards would finally get a nice-looking BIOS, Gigabyte is about to make this dream come true.

Sure, it will start off on enthusiast motherboards, even though it is made in such a way as to be more comprehensive to entry-level and mainstream users, but it will land in all Gigabyte UEFI motherboards eventually.

Dubbed 3D BIOS, it has an isometric view of the motherboard and lets users easily access component settings through use of the mouse.

All it takes is to hover the cursor over an area and it will become highlighted (Gigabyte even threw in pop-up 'bubbles' with helpful info).

All in all, it makes the BIOS much more approachable and even fun to play in for a while.

Gigabyte will manufacture its platforms with Dual UEFI BIOS implementation (both 3D BIOS and an advanced BIOS mode will be available).


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