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Nov 15, 2011

Asus Prepares Micro-ATX Rampage IV Gene LGA 2011 Motherboard

While most of us wouldn't associate a high-end processor such as Intel's newly launched Sandy Bridge-E chips with compact PCs, there are some who want to build this type of systems, so Asus plans to deliver the Rampage IV Gene LGA 2011 board using the micro-ATX form factor.

The existence of the motherboard was revealed in an Asus slide published on the XtremeSystems forum, together with a blurry picture of the board.

While you won't certainly be able make out any of its features from this scant image, the slide does actually confirm that the Rampage IV Gene is indeed a micro-ATX board.

Knowing Asus, this should be full of overclocking and gaming specific features, so you can't go wrong with the upcoming Gene if a mean and compact gaming machine is what you are looking for.

Of course that you will still have to pay for the whole thing, which considering Asus' ROG range won't certainly be something to take lightly, but we are after all talking about an Sandy Bridge-E systems, so money should be no problem for you.


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