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Nov 25, 2011

Fujifilm's Beast of a Camera Caught on Camera

Superzoom is a term used to describe high-end photo and video bridge cameras that, well, can zoom in and out a lot, and Fujifilm's new beast easily qualifies for the moniker. 

Dubbed X-S1, it has 26x optical zoom and a lens made of 17 glass elements, of which two are LED lenses and four aspherical.

We actually already went into details when we described the beast here, so we won't start listing numbers again.

Instead, we figured we may as well show the promo video that Fujifilm made.

Check it out above and then decide whether the item is worth the price of £699, which translates into a rather steep 1,087 US (811.8 EUR), or not.

Of course, if you fancy something that doesn't need hands to 'handle', the Freestyle HD Wearable Video Camera from Swann may be more convenient and it is a lot cheaper too.


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