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Nov 25, 2011

Parted Magic 2011_11_24 Comes with the Linux 3.1.2 Kernel

The latest update to Parted Magic has arrived and it's once again playing with the version number/scheme. This newest release is dubbed Parted Magic 2011_11_24, the previous one was Parted Magic 11.11.11 and the one before that was Parted Magic 6.7.

But it's not just the version number that's changed, there are some updated packages as well. Parted Magic 2011_11_24 packs LiloSetup, TestDisk 6.13 and the Linux 3.1.2 kernel.

The update also fixes a major bug that caused the secure erase command to fail. A dummy file had been left in /usr/local/bin and that was causing the problem, but it has now been removed.

There are also some changes that should fix issues where Parted Magic would not boot properly, either the pmagic-<version>.sqfs or Initramfs would not be found, even though things should be working.

There were several reasons for the issues and they should all be fixed now. On some occasions, on Windows machines, archive managers would convert the pmagic-<version>.sqfs to PMAGIC_<VERSION>.SQFS.

On case insensitive operating systems, i.e. Windows, this doesn't make any difference. But on case sensitive operating systems, this meant that the file was no longer found, when copied to a CD or USB drive.

The solution was to rename the file PMAGIC_<VERSION>.SQFS from the start and stop compressing images.

Another reason for the issues was that the original ISOs were not created with Joliet directory info, which meant that Windows saw pmagic-<version>.sqfs as PMAGIC_<VERSION>.SQFS, leading to the problems. The solution to this was to start using mkisofs with the '-J' option.

Finally, another cause for the issues was that remastered ISO images were created without long file name support. This meant that "/pmagic/initramfs" would get truncated. To prevent this, it has been renamed to initrd.img

Parted Magic 2011_11_24 is available for download on link below.
Parted Magic 11.11.11 (iso.zip) i686 [iso] [185 MB]
Parted Magic 11.11.11 (iso.zip) x86_64 [iso] [185 MB]
Parted Magic 2011_11_24 (iso) i686 [iso] [181 KB]


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