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Nov 25, 2011

Intel Allocates Half the Sandy Bridge-E CPUs in Europe to the Nordic Market

While the rest of Europe has to settle with a limited amount of Sandy Bridge-E chips, Nordic countries like Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark have no such problems as these get half of the Intel LGA 2011 CPUs that arrive in Europe.

If you think that this is pure benevolence from Intel's side, you’re wrong, as there is quite a strong commercial reasoning behind this decision.

As SweClockers explains, the average selling price of processors is higher in these countries than in the rest of Europe.

Paired with the desire of those living in these countries to get their hands on more expensive CPU models, Intel has everything to gain by taking this kind of decision.

So, if you are living in one of the Nordic countries and want a Core i7-3960X or i7-3930K for Christmas you’re all set, provided that you can afford it of course.


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