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Nov 1, 2011

iPhone 4S Battery Drain Reduced via Settings Tweak and Apple Considering to Kill the Mac Pro - Report

iPhone 4S Battery Drain Reduced via Settings Tweak

The battery drain issue plaguing iPhone 4S users may be related to a software bug that can be eliminated (temporarily) by tweaking some of the settings.

According to reports, the bug is tied to the time-zone functionality of the iOS. Switching it off reportedly improves battery life, but it is unclear whether or not this is the only issue that causes the battery train on Apple’s latest handset.

This is not the first time a major iOS update takes its toll on the battery life of iDevices. Both iOS 3 and iOS 4 have posed such troubles for many users.

Apple usually dispatches incremental updates to alleviate such problems. It has also been reported that the company’s engineers are working directly with affected customers to try and pinpoint the cause of the battery drain in order to implement a fix in the next software update.

Apple Considering to Kill the Mac Pro - Report

Apple is reportedly questioning whether or not to keep the Mac Pro line on board after learning that both consumer sales and enterprise adoption have dropped off considerably.

People familiar with the matter cited by AppleInsider say that the Mac Pro’s days are numbered. At least in its current form, according to the report, which resurrects an old rumor that Cupertino was developing a completely redesigned version of the powerful workstation.

That rumor, as avid readers will recall, said Apple was planning to introduce a Mac Pro model that would suit the server needs of the enterprise segment, and that it would be rack-mountable, designed to sit horizontally, as opposed to vertically.

Whether or not that model is still on the table, Apple is now said to consider skipping the latest Sandy Bridge CPUs for the Mac Pro line.

Thunderbolt connectivity may also be a factor in Apple’s decision to axe the only Mac that boasts internal PCI Express expansion slots.

With Apple deploying Thunderbolt across most of its notebook and desktop offerings, and since Thunderbolt provides the same signals as PCI Express slots over a high speed external interconnect, the Mac Pro becomes even less relevant.

The consensus is that Thunderbolt opens the door for external storage, external displays and other peripherals, as well as external housings that offer conventional PCI Express slots for expansion cards.

The move to phase out the Mac Pro can be regarded as very similar to Apple’s decision in 2010 to eliminate the Xserve.

The 1U rack-mountable line of server computers was abandoned because of the very same reason Apple is now considering killing the Mac Pro - reduced sales.

On a personal note, I sincerely doubt Apple will leave a gap where the current Mac Pro is. If anything, the company will either beef up the iMac considerably, or it will introduce that rumored redesign by the time Intel’s Ivy Bridge comes out.


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