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Nov 11, 2011

Nokia Champagne Emerges with Windows Phone 'Tango'

Nokia is gearing up for the release of new smartphones running under Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system, and one such device has just made an appearance into the wild, dubbed Champagne.

Apparently, the new device is based on a future flavor of Windows Phone, namely version 7.10.871, called Tango, at least this is what data from the “I’m a WP7” application shows, according to WPCentral.

Rumor has it that this would be the OS iteration that will enable the launch of Windows Phone handsets featuring LTE capabilities, supposedly set to be loaded on new Nokia devices as soon as next year, with one of these smartphones en route to AT&T.

At the same time, some suggested that Tango might open the door to the release of very low-end smartphones, and Champagne might be one of those, especially since Nokia promised cheap Windows Phones for the near future.


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