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Nov 11, 2011

EVGA Superclock CPU Cooler Gets LGA 2011 Mounting Kit

With the launch of Sandy Bridge-E quickly approaching, more and more manufacturers hurry to make their products compatible with Intel's upcoming processor and the latest to do so is EVGA which has released a mounting kit for its Superclock CPU cooler.

Launched at the end of May, the EVGA Superclock is a re-branded version of the Swiftech built Polaris 120, which has received an all black heatsink paintjob and a new LED fan.

This fan measures 120mm in diameter and it can provide up to 84CFM of airflow at its maximum rotation speed of 2500RPM, while at its slowest speed (750RPM) EVGA states it produces 26CFM.

The airflow generated is then directed through two separate air channels, which are specially designed to first cool the hottest of the Superclock's heat pipes.

These are five in number and all of them measure 8mm in diameter and use the Direct Touch technology.

What this basically means is that the heat pipes are touching the CPU's heatspreader in order to maximize the amount of heat that is passed to the heatsink.

Thanks to this design that is becoming increasingly popular among CPU cooler manufacturers, EVGA states that its Superclock can be up to 20 degrees cooler in full load than Intel's Core i7 stock cooler (the CPU used for this comparison is a 900-series model, not a Sandy Bridge-E SKU).

The LGA 2011 mounting bracket is available as we speak from EVGA's online store and has a recommended price of $9.99 (7.3 EUR).

This adds to the $49.99 (roughly 36.7 EUR) base price of the EVGA Superclock, which is compatible with Intel's and AMD's motherboards, including models that feature the LGA 1155, LGA 1366 or AM2+/AM3 sockets.


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