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Nov 11, 2011

Thermaltake Outs Smart Series PSUs with Single 12V Rail

Thermaltake, a company well renowned for its cooling solutions and power supply units, has just announced the release of a new series of PSUs under the Smart brand name, which is comprised of no less than seven new models.

The series features both modular and non-modular power supplies with ratings ranging from 430W to 730W, and include a single 12V rail.

Depending on the wattage of the PSU, Thermaltake's smart models can deliver between 34 and 56 Amps of current to the system.

As expected, the modular models are somewhat more advanced than their fixed-cable counterparts, so Thermaltake has installed a 140mm ultra-quiet cooling fan with RPM control in order to provide booth silent running and great cooling performance.

In addition, the modular cables are designed to be flat in order to improve airflow throughout the case, and the units also come with 80 Plus Bronze certification which guarantees that the PSUs can deliver up to 88% efficiency at 20-100% loads.

The non-modular Smart Series power supply units drop the 80 Plus Bronze certification of their older brothers in order to achieve lower production costs and are instead just 80 Plus compliant.

What this means is that under the same operating conditions as the modular Smart PSUs, these units can achieve only 86% efficiency, making them less economical in the long run.

Furthermore, these units also lose the 140mm fan used for the more advanced modular Smart models, and this was replaced with a regular 120mm fan.

Outside of the 80 Plus certifications, Thermaltake's power supplies are also compatible with the ErP Lot 6 standard.

The rest of the features list include and active PFC, Japanese made capacitors, industrial-grade protection circuits, and a wide variety of PCI Express connectors (both 6 and 8-pin) as well as with various SATA and MOLEX plugs.

No details regarding pricing were made public, but the power supplies should start making their way into stores soon.


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